Phentermine plus Topiramate Leads to Significant Weight Loss at 1 Year

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A combination of phentermine and topiramate appears to be an effective obesity treatment, according to a phase III, industry-conducted trial published in the Lancet.

Some 2500 patients who were overweight or obese and had at least two comorbidities were randomized to placebo or low- or high-doses of phentermine plus topiramate. All patients received diet and lifestyle counseling. At 56 weeks, patients in the treatment groups lost more weight than controls (high-dose, 10.2 kg; low-dose, 8.1 kg; placebo, 1.4 kg). A higher proportion of patients in the treatment groups also achieved 10% weight loss (high-dose, 48%; low-dose, 37%; placebo, 7%).
Patients in the treatment groups reported higher rates of dry mouth, constipation, and paresthesia. In addition, a dose-related increase was observed in depression- and anxiety-related adverse events.
Source: Lancet


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